About AirScape

AirScape Challenges is a unique line of playground equipment for adults. It is an extreme playground for an older audience, and is similar to what is seen for years on TV shows such as Wipeout, Fear Factor, and American Ninja Warrior. This however is made to use safely and daily by consumers in markets worldwide!

AirScape Challenges is a series of elevated classic and new challenges, much like a ninja trial course where challengers can pick and choose which particular challenge they want to try.

ACL is owned by the owners of Orca Coast Playground Ltd., and is a private company.


Challenges Include:

Classic log roll, punch bag leap of faith, skateboard ride, ninja tower steps, and the spider wall crawl. All of these challenges are engineered up to 45’ high!

AirScape has gone through engineering and safety inspections and we conform to all applicable standards. As scary as AirScape is – it is safer than driving home from work, users are fully harnessed at all times.